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Last year just about this time we went to a wedding reception at the Sheraton in NH.  While we waited for the room to be readied, they served appetizers,  the usual except for this Cocanut chicken that nobody could get enough of and poof it was gone when all the rest were still being offered.  I started to reverse engineer it as I always do and came up with this recipe which I believe is the same one they used.


I have been making it for us in various ways as an appetizer and as a meal with Jasmine rice with cocanut milk instead of water.  This is also very good.  This weekend I went to Wedding Anniversary party and I made the prett much for the same reason the Sheraton did, as things were being prepared.  I made a pretty big batch and they all went and a lot of people wanted  the recipe, so I thought I would post it to my website.


The ingredigents are not really measure, I  just make as much as I can with the quantities I have available.




Chicken cut in appx. 1 inch cubes



Sweet Cocanut Shredded found in the baking section of the market.


Set up your work stations.


1. Flour


2.  Flour, eggs and mayo(optional hard to mix in but helps it stick) Consistency of May.


3.  Sweet shredded cocanut


Dust in  flour, completely coat in egg/flour roll in the cocanut.


I use a  Wok but you use what you have to bring Veggie oil to 375.


Cook until golden brown, you don't want to  burn the cocanut but you don't want raw chicken, Golden brown is just right.


I will have some pictures later.

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