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August 21, 2009

Fried Onion Rings

Onion rings can be a bit allusive.  First you need a good onion Spain Onions are the best but white and yellow can be used.  You want something with a strong flavor so it doesn't taste like fried dough so sweet onions or red onions are on the do not use list.  Secondly keeping the batter on can be challenging.  I picked up a trick from my Master Chinese Chef on this one.

I found a recipe that is terrific and I am going to change mine to make a great crunchy onion ring.


The ingredients are rather simple:

Depending on the size of your batch, I am going to give a recipe for one medium onion which makes a good side for 2 to 4 serving depending on the people.

1/2 cup all purpose flour

 2-3 Panko crumbs or as much as needed(you can use bread crumbs but it will come out much less crunchy.cups  

2 TBS of instant potatoes

1/4 cup corn starch

big pinch of Cayenne pepper(I use two pinches and it is just right for us)

1/2 cup of larger beer or if stuck you can us club soda

2 or 3 yellow onions cut 1/4" slices(any strong flavored onion)

Use bowl and mix all ingredients except  Panko and Onions, the mixture should be just slightly thinner than Mayo.

Use a plate or pie dish for the Panko.

Completely cover Onion with wet mixture and apply Panko and put on plate ready to fry.

Use peanut oil or cannola oil or vegetable oil heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Cook small batches of onions until golden brown and if you have to keep them warm use a 200 degree oven to store them while you finish all the onion rings or do what I do we eat them as I make them.

Salt them liberally and EJOY!!


On a dish spread a good amount of bread crumbs, you don't have to be too fussy with the crumbs, I just use the store brand they work find.  After dredging the rings so they are coated outside and in drop on bread crumbs and get as much as possible to stick.   Store on separate plate until all rings are coated with egg/flour and bread crumbs.

This gave me a chance to use my new Wok.  It worked very well, with only 4 or 5 cups of oil I got a very good surface area.  Heat oil to 375 degrees and proceed to fry in small batches until finished. 

Sprinkle with a little Sea Salt and I like a little Cayenne pepper for a little zip but that is optional. 


I am not sure about other areas of the country but at all the fairs they have something called an Onion Blossom.   They are a Spanish Onion split but whole battered and deep fried.  The vendors have great machines that make them ready but this is also possible at home using and apple corer.  I have one similar to this one.

Peel onion and push just like coring an apple but don't go all the way through.  Separate petals as much as you can.  Get as much of the egg/Flour as you can and sprinkly with an abundant amount of bread crumbs.  It is more of a novelty, they don't taste any different, but it is impressive if your entertaining. 

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