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Created August 26, 2009

Last updated Feb 8, 2012

Products, the good and the bad

I thought it might be helpful for people to know some of the products that we have tried and the results.   It isn't meant to be all inclusive but as I find products that are exceptionally good or exceptionally bad, I will probably mention them, so it will be taking a long time for the list to grow.

Baby Back Ribs

I like making ribs but it is a long process 6 - 8 hours and you just can't leave them they need attention, but they are really good, all of that and I am the only one that likes them.  There are a ton of these kinds of products that are pre cooked and you need only heat them.  They are good for me because Barbara doesn't like ribs and as a meal for myself I can just heat these up.  I have had a couple that have been really good, but unfortunately my market doesn't carry the same brand all the time, they use about 2o different kinds they never seem to be the same and I can't keep up.  so I decided to keep a list of the good ones and the bad ones.  Unfortunately I just started doing that and the news isn't good.  I settled on something this time basically because of the size, just right for a meal for one of Baby Back Ribs.  I should have know better because the name was no where to be found, only in small print it says Stantonburg Meats, Stantonburg, SC.  Other than that they are ribs with a Carolina sauce and smokey flavor.  You want to stay away from this one.  I think these were cooked in a pressure cooker or some device that made cooking fast, there was no flavor in the meat smoke or other wise.  It seems like the only time the meat came in contact with the sauce is when they packaged it.  The sauce itself was icky sweet not very pleasant and no smoke flavor, more like honey than BBQ sauce.  S

y were good or because they were bad.  This is one you definitely want to stay away from.  While on the subject of ribs the Chain "Longhorn" has pretty awful ribs, no flavor through and the sauce has raw rum.  That is not to say I don't like The Longhorn I do but just don't get the ribs. 

Ninja Warrior Stick Blender

Offered many places on the Net but Walmart site to store option,

when I bought it  was $44 site to Store so no shipping it was site to

store which was 1/2 as much as any place else, now it is $69 but still

much cheaper than all other options.

We use an immersion blender several times a week, most for cream soups.  I have become an involuntary expert on Immersion blenders, having purchased four of them, not so much because I wanted to but the first one  broke by trying to make  Mayo and I went way beyond how it was suppose to be used. I don't remember the brand, but I clearly needed something with a little more power.    I bought a Hamilton Beach with plenty of power and great attachments, I still use it for making Mayo and whipped cream(I burnt the first one  out making whipped cream).  Pieces keep falling off the immersion feature  ergo my third one,  a Kaloric (sp) recommended by Cooks Illustrator it was so weak I couldn't use it, it went into the garbage.   So much for CI's reviews.     

Which brings me to blender number 4,  Ninja Warrior Stick Blender with food processor attachment at no extra charge, this one works great built really well and the price was very good and even at $69 I would call it a good buy.    The food processor works very well and will even crush ice cubes for great Margaritas my big blender won't do that.  Highly recommended by me, if you use an immersion blender less than once a week, I guess I would go with a cheaper model but if you really use one of these, go for it.  

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