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Created: August 21, 2009

Lasted updated Feb 08, 2012

Restaurants in and around Maine 

Lucern Inn

Deedham, Maine

This is in fact a real New England Inn and we have stay as a treat even though it is only an hour away and we had a wonderful time.  It has been a while so I couldn't quote the prices of rooms, but I would call it moderately priced.  In the summer months they do a lot of Wedding and best not to go there Saturday or Sunday when most of their attention is on the wedding and not on the dining room. 

The restaurant has basically two rooms, the main dining room and a enclosed porch.  We prefer the dining room next to the window, the view of the lake and adjacent mountains is great and the atmosphere is great, service is such that the hostess knows us by name, knows our table and treats us like family.   I suspect that anything on the menu would be good, I have had the salmon and it was great and they have something called Flat Iron steak with South Western rub that is incredible.  In the winter time they have a Friday night fish buffet  that does include a carving station with Pork and Roast Beef.   Sunday morning will be packed for their brunch, I can't guarantee what they will have on the menu but for me things like pickled herring and sweet chicken livers are a real treat, but then there is a giant salad and all the breakfast fare for a King and Queen.  I don't think it is terribly expensive considering the upscale feel and food, moderately priced, the Buffet is $25  and I think but not sure the brunch may be $20 now, it was $12 years ago when we first started going there.


Bar Harbor Maine

We have been going to Galyn's for some 25 years and in all that time we have never had a bad meal or anything bad.  They have a great clam chowder which I always get.  The menu is a moving target which is good, it is always different and always great.  The view is of part of the harbor side and of the bay which is quite nice, the atmosphere is tourist casual as you would expect for Bar Harbor.  I would call it moderately priced, although I can't quote but I think most things are from $15 - $25 depending and of course Lobster will be market price, which can be quite high or not so high depending.   There are really only two streets in the tourist area, it is on the one that ends at the Ocean, not hard to find.  If you find your self in Bar Harbor Galyn's is a real winner and you can't go wrong.

Bar Harbor Motor Inn

Bar Harbor, Maine

If you look out Galyn's window to the right you will see the Motor Inn, Motor Inn is a misnomer this is a very upscale Inn which we have never stayed at, it is somewhat pricey.  We are talking summer here and there is a dining room which we didn't care for but they have outside dining right on the Ocean,  a beautiful ocean breeze and views of the boats coming and going, very nice.  We have been going here for about 20 years and can't remember ever having anything bad and they cook most things right outside so the aroma is great.  Again it is hard to talk about the menu which is changing, but you can always get lobster and seafood dishes that are as fresh as you can get probably came in that day.  But I have had a cold Thai chicken salad that was great and other dishes.  I like the ice cappuccino with ice cream more like a milk shake or frap  and they have great ones there.  The prices are not ridiculous but your not going to get an economy meal either, I would call it on the light side of expensive, but you can sit there for hours sipping a drink without a problem or a stare.


Exchange Street

Portland, Maine

We ran into Walter's one day about 20 years ago, well actually we ran into their sandwich sign on the sidewalk and thought we would give it a try.  The only way to describe Walter's is Eclectic.  I don't think they have a written menu, just a big chalk board and the knowledgeable staff.  Each day they have a Wok special and it is always great.  This is the kind of place that has an open kitchen which is more or less part of the dining room, I love that.  This gives me an opportunity to talk to the people doing the cooking which I always do, trying to pick up ideas.  One of the staff told me they don't know what they are going to serve until they go to the market in the morning and see what is good and then make something from the ingredients, what a great place and what creative people, you would think these are age old recipes, just great.  It is right on the ocean so seafood is usually offered but that is as much as you can count on when you go there but we have never left disappointed.  The clientele is a mix of tourist and regulars that work in the financial district.  This is a very loud restaurant, it has one wall of brick and they play modern music so it isn't the most relaxing place to eat but we already know that when we go there and make the best of it and just take it all in and partake in their wonderful fare.  Because they cater to the workaday world the prices are moderate.


                                        Hollywood Slots, Bangor Maine

We have not been to a gamling town like Las Vegas or Atlantic city where they entice you in with great accomadations and food so they can get you on the gamling table.  Hollywood Slots is I imagine quite like that.  They serve Breakfast, Lunch and Diner Buffet style for $7.99, $9.99 and $13.99, unfortunately they  just went up but still a tremdous bargain.  We have never had the breakfast but lunch and diner.  Lunch is the biggest, best salad bar you have ever seen, all kinds of soups, a Chinese station, I really like the eggrolls, lo Mein and the chicken wings.  Ham and Chicken, Pizza, stuffing, potatoes and I just can't remember all the things, if you can't find something to love there is  just something wrong with you.  For Diner they add Prime Rib(had it last night, the best I have ever had) and wonderful Crab legs.  Crab legs are $18 a pound up in this area and you can eat them until you burst, I forgot a couple of lunch items, which of course are served at night as well, peel and eat Shrimp with dipping sauce, a suhi bar.  Deserts, all the cakes and pies, chocolate covered strawberries and something I never can find in a restaurant, just a simple bowl of jello, which I enjoy after a big meal.  I have not done this place justice, if you get a chance go.  Last night we even won a  little that paid for our diner, a fun night out and it costs us nothing, although that is very unusual, we always loose but it is still a fun night out when you loose.   

LongHorn Steak House

All over Maine, we go most often to the one in Augusta, ME


It is a chain, chains always offer standard item and we know now how to order the sides.  For instance as one of the options is mashed potatoes loaded with sour cream, bacon bits and a few other things so it is more like a twice baked potato and other great sides, your sure to like one of them and sometimes you can get two.  They have a 6 oz. steak that I get two meal from plus a salad and one side for $11.99, can't beat that and no coupon needed.   It is first and foremost a Steak House so when you order Medium Rare you actually get what you ordered.   The Lobster, Shrimp and corn chowder is incredible good and Barbara will usually get that and Wild West Shrimp(on the spicy side) she really likes this chowder.   I had a doctors appt. in Augusta last week to it was our Restaurant of choice that day and there are many options and it is hard for me to be that close to a Thai Restaurant and not eat there.  We both agreed it was the best dining experience we have had in a very long time.  We highly recommend it.


Traveling Maine

Where to stop to eat while traveling Maine.  When we talk about traveling Maine it is a huge state but civilizations doesn't get too far away from the coast, 100 miles inland is about it.  The tourist areas along the coast all have good places to eat if not a bit pricey.  When we travel I try to put something together in a cooler, not only is it sometimes better food, you can relax and not spend a lot of time waiting for service.  Having said that we are somewhat expert is traveling the Interstate 95 and Route 295(the locals use 295, it is a more scenic ride and cheaper, no down side.   When we go south and have to stop for food we generally do it in South Portland, not far from the highway there are a bunch of chains including and Olive Garden and if you have to pick something up that is also where the Portland Mall is.  Our whole purpose in stopping is to relax a bit and we like the Marriot Hotel restaurant, easy to find.  If you have a lot of time, a trip to the Old Port will yield some very good restaurants.




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