Barry's International Kitchen

September 14, 2011 

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sun dried tomatoes is a misnomer, these tomatoes are oven dried and I suspect that the ones that you buy at the market are as well.   This is a great time of the year, you know summer is here when you can get local corn and tomatoes.  My plants yielded enough for a couple of salads and I decided because I had so many that  were graciously given to us,  I would dry some.  A lot of recipes for raw fresh tomatoes also mix in some dried to tomatoes, I thought well that is a way to preserve the bounty  .  I also love sour tomatoes that are made from green not ripe tomatoes.  I plan on putting up several jars of these.  You make sour tomatoes pretty much the same as you would make sour pickles, in other words, super simple to make  and they will keep forever in a cool spot or the fridge if you have room. 

Update 2/08/2012

I put up massive amounts of aforementioned Sour Tomatoes.  They did come out excellent but just like pickles without refrigerator they can get soggy.  I did put up some grape leaves but forgot to use them, this helps keep the product well but I didn't do that as I should have and about 1/4 of the tomatoes were to soggy to use but that still left tons of great tomatoes that would have been thrown away by the Gardiner who has of yet tasted them, I do suspect she will not like them.

You want to wash the tomatoes very well and cut any bruises or other unpleasant things.  You can see from the photo I have cut mine rather thin, these will be ready sooner and if you don't watch them they will turn to carbon, not very tasty.

Take out seeds and any white hard places.  Place on no stick cookie sheet or in my case I don't have any of those, I used parchment  paper and it works fine.  Sprinkle with salt and any herbs that you like, I used Italian spices on this batch, Place in 200 degree Fahrenheit for most of a day, if I have to go out I  shut the oven off, this should give you heat for a couple of hours and then when you return just turn the oven to 200.  When do you know they are done?  Good question, of course they need to be totally dehydrated  and they will have a texture that is a bit leathery.  Your pretty much done, store in olive oil and enjoy them all winter long.


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