Barry's International Kitchen

August 16, 2009

Mediterranean Pasta

This is totally a recipe from my imagination, I don't have many of those but this is one.  It starts off with fresh Fettuccine if you can get it, dry only if it is a last resort, learn how to make pasta it is easy and Fettuccine is easy to cut without a past maker.  Roasted cherry tomatoes add a nice fresh flavor to this dish, Kalamata olives is the star of this show, but make sure you buy good ones, I will recommend one I like.  Fetta cheese, of course and I like Peppercinios but you can make it without it.  This is easily put together start to finish in under an hour and most of that time is roasting the tomatoes.

Let me suggest you use the olives that are not pitted, they offer to much surface area for infiltration and they are salty and mushy.  So you will have to pit them which isn't so hard if you want it to be good.  If you have a pitter that is great, I don't, I use a wide knife and crush down on the olive, this separates the pit and then you can just slice around it in 4 or 5 pieces.  It sounds harder than it is.   I pit them and then put them back into the empty bottle with the marinate that it came with, all of this including the marinate goes in the dish. 

These are the best olives I have found, they seem to be quite available and not any more expensive.  This 6.7oz bottle is perfect for our recipe.


2 packages of cherry tomatoes, you can get away with one but two is better

1 6.7oz jar of Roland Kalamata olives or substitute if need be(retain liquid for dish)

6 - 8 ozs of Fetta cheese or as much as you like, I usually put this on the table because I don't like cooked fetta

As many peppercinos as you like, I also put these on the table so someone can have as much or as little as they like.

Use a cookie sheet and lightly coat with cooking oil with a brush, add tomatoes and brush them as well with oil, cook on 350 - 400 for 30 to 40 minutes or until they burst, you will know when they are ready.

Cook pasta, drain and put back into the pot you cooked the pasta in and place on burner on low heat.  Add the pitted sliced olives and all the juice from the bottle.  Add the tomatoes, warm and stir everything so it is evenly distributed.  Serve with the peppercinos if you use them and the fetta cheese to be applied at the table by the guests.  That is it, simple and really delicious.

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